What is Wall Decal? [Detailed Guide + 4 Best Ideas]

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What is Wall Decal

Colorful walls can brighten up any space. These cheap and easy to install decorations can be used in any room and make it look new and refreshed.

You can get them in any size and style, and the process of putting them on the wall is super easy!

But exactly what is wall decal? This great decoration is a graphic that is applied to the wall by transferring it from its own surface to the wall. There is a backing (or a backing paper), a decal, and a transfer surface. You know those fake tattoos for kids which are transferred to the skin? Well, it works in the same way.

Some people refer to them as stickers, however it is not exactly the same. Don’t worry, I will explain a bit more later.

Thousands of designs exist and you can find a suitable option for any room, no matter the existing decoration and style!

Here I will tell you more about decals and give you some ideas so that you can decorate your home!

What is Wall Decal? [Definition]

I already briefly explained what a decal is, but here are more details (definition). It consists of three parts …

There is a backing paper that is removed before application. Its main purpose is to protect the sticky part before transfer.

Middle part is the actual decal. It is a graphic that you have chosen to decorate a desired wall. Some decals are a single image, while other may consist of numerous smaller parts that you can apply as you wish.

Transfer surface is over the decal. It is used to hold the decal and apply it. When you put the decal onto the wall in a desired place, you can simply peel off the transfer surface and the image will stay on the wall.

What is Wall Decal - Definition

What is Wall Decal Made Of? [Materials]

Now you know what is wall decal, and here are some facts about the material.

Materials used to produce decals may vary, however, most often they are made from PVC vinyl. This material is the best when it comes to providing all the benefits that decals have. They have to be light, affordable, easy to use, but resistant enough to last when applied.

This material is elastic, and that is what also makes it excellent. Surfaces may not always be completely straight and having elastic material enables you to put a decal on any wall. For it to look good and be long lasting, you need it to be completely flushed with the wall.

Sometimes, decals can be made from polyester and those can be excellent for doors and similar surfaces.

Where You Can Use Wall Decals? [Are they Good for Kids Room?]

Decals are great for any room except for those with very high moisture content like damp basements.

You can put them in living rooms, hallways, offices, and the best of all, to kid’s rooms!

And why are they so good for kids? Well, there are many reasons!

Decals are playful and brighten up the space. You can put kids wall decals with motives of your child’s favorite cartoon character, favorite animal, plant, or basically anything that makes them happy. Decals are cheap so you can change them as your child grows up. And applying decals together with your kid makes a great fun!

What is the Difference Between Wall Decals and Wall Stickers, Murals or Wallpapers?

Sometimes people use a word sticker for any of those three categories, however technically speaking, these terms are not interchangeable.

I already explained what decals are, and here I will tell you what the remaining two are.

Wall stickers are wall decorations that can be used in the same way, however they consist of only two parts and their application process is different. There is a sticker itself that contains graphic which is the main part. Back of it is sticky so that it can be attached to the wall. Over the adhesive part there is backing paper. When you remove the paper, you simply stick the sticker on the wall.

Stickers are made from various materials. Those can be the same as decals, but can also be made from paper, or even have some fabric parts.

Mural is another cool decoration that is made from high quality photo paper. Sometimes people confuse them with wallpapers, however murals are usually printed on demand, on a desired size. To learn more about murals check this article with title “What is Wall Mural“.

How Long Do Wall Decals Last? Are they Easy to Remove?

Now you must be thinking “how will I remove it and how long it can last?”.

I have good news for you. If you apply them on a dry and clean wall, and you use quality decals, they can last several years! Of course, if used in kid’s rooms you can expect a bit shorter life span due to accidental scratching or any other possible damage.

Removal process is quite easy. You need to start at the corner by using either your fingernail or some sharp object to peel of that starting point. After that, you can simply remove the whole decal. The key is to do it very slow to prevent it from breaking.

What are the Pros & Cons of Wall Decals?

Knowing what is wall decal may not be enough to decide if this decoration is for you.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide weather to decorate your wall with it, or maybe to choose other decorations like wall murals or stickers.


• Low price
• Easy installation process
• Thousands of possible designs
• Easy removal and low chance of adhesive leftovers on the wall


• May fade if installed in direct sunlight
• Cheap decals may stain the walls
• Decals made of thin elements such as tree branches may be hard to remove due to lots of individual parts

Here are Some Wall Decal Ideas …

Wall decals work excellent in any space and there are so many designs that you can be sure there is something for you.

Here are some ideas that will inspire you to choose your own perfect decorations!

Wall decals for kid’s room:

What is Wall Decal - Kids-Room

Wall decals for living room:

What is Wall Decal - Living-Room

Wall decals for kid’s playroom/game room:

What is Wall Decal - Play-Room

Wall decals for bedroom:

What is Wall Decal - Bed-Room

If you want a classy addition to your home style, choose decals that suit existing furniture and colors.

Here are some tips:

• Choose bright colors to make a space seem larger
• Use 3D illusions to make it fun and interesting or to add depth to the room
• Choose colors and designs that complement materials in the room (example: wooden style of room goes excellent with nature graphics)


Explaining what is wall decal is easy, but deciding between hundreds of motives may be a bit harder! If you want to decorate an empty wall in a cheap and easy way, think about installing one of these!

Decals go well in any room, and they are particularly interesting for children! You can surprise your kid with a wonderful decoration that will make their imagination go wild!

Just make sure to buy a quality made product that will be easy to apply, that will last long, and will not create problems during removal process!

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